Inktober 2021 Complete

Been quite some time since I have done some art for myself. This past October I participated in a “drawing a day” prompted list called Xtober. It was a lot of fun. The final result is what you see below a compilation of some characters from the X-men universe.

New things!

Starting on March 29, I’m taking a 30-day online class on creative engineering taught by one of my favorite YouTubers / former NASA engineer, Mark Rober. Should be a fun adventure to share with my kids. I’ve always been on the fringes and excited to check it out! Want to join me? Use my link…

XDS Ignite 2019

Visual feedback, Scripting, and Scaling. Overall had a great time again at the conference. PDF of my deck is attached.

Champlain Adjunct

Another year starting as adjunct with Champlain teaching advanced seminar.  Very excited to poison…err…enlighten the youth of our industry.  Teaching has been a much welcomed mentorship opportunity for myself and a way to give back for all the help and time I’ve received from some amazing mentors in our industry.  Very proud to be a…

XDS Advisory Committee 2016

Back again and very proud to be on the committee for the fourth year running. This event promotes cross-discipline sharing, knowledge and growth, and betterment of treatment and understanding of BOTH sides of the external development fence.  Very proud of the work we have accomplished and yet to be done.  

Student Internship Advice

For an internship, companies are typically looking for any school project or extracurricular work.  They usually understand that  you probably won’t have anything outside of school projects or personal work at this point in your career.  Needless to say golden rule still applies quality over quantity.  Even if you only have one piece you are…

Post GDC Student Critique Tips

I spent a great deal of time this past GDC reviewing student portfolios and realized afterwards during email responses, I was typing a lot of the same information, so I’ve collected a few here and will continue to add. What language should I learn to code in? Ahhh… The language question.  I answer this question…

XDS 2014 – Advisory Board Psyched to be a part of the 2014 External Developer Sumit’s Advisory Board. The first event last Sept was an amazing chance to bring folks together for the greater good of pushing our industry forward. Very proud to be a part of developing it this year.


simplicity. time to focus on quality… substance… real meat… no frills… just content. students asked if a tool existed to select all the hard or soft edges in their meshes so we whipped up a bit of python to do just that. [sourcecode language=”python” wraplines=”false” collapse=”false”] # set EDGETYPE variable to 0,1,2 import maya.cmds as…

GDC 2012 – Friday Recap

FRIDAY Uncharted 3: Outsourcing with Naughty Dog and Xpec This was an incredible talk (to those of us dealing with Outsource partners). Main take-aways were they have too much management between the artist/outsourcer. Not an ideal situation. Outsourced entire level designs.  Highbar established in-house for first part of level, then iteration happened on their end….