Inktober 2021 Complete

Been quite some time since I have done some art for myself. This past October I participated in a “drawing a day” prompted list called Xtober. It was a lot of fun. The final result is what you see below a compilation of some characters from the X-men universe.

New things!

Starting on March 29, I’m taking a 30-day online class on creative engineering taught by one of my favorite YouTubers / former NASA engineer, Mark Rober. Should be a fun adventure to share with my kids. I’ve always been on the fringes and excited to check it out! Want to join me? Use my link…

Capturing The Spirit Of Sesame Street

Great article/interview on Gamasutra talking with Nathan Martz and Tim Schafer of Doublefine regarding their new Sesame Street Kinect Game:

Project: Green lantern / He-man continued

Wow night two of actually working on a project…I know right? Wow, committing at home to a project more then one night in a row. Who knows? I might actually go for three! Whoa now. Anywho, I got to messing with laying out some flat color and I’m pretty happy so far. I have to…

Project: Green Lantern / He-man Team up

I was sitting at my desk at work one day and had an idea to mix up two of my favorite heroes of all time. The one and only Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) with the defender of Eternia himself, He-man. The premise behind the story would be simple. Sinestro’s yellow power battery has completed construction….

using my paperweight

So after a little *encouragement, (harassment) from the guys at work, I finally hooked my cintiq back up and started sketching again. Hopefully with some ‘creative’ reinforcement I can get back into sketching digitally. Here are a few from last night.