One year ago next month…

Now first let me say that I rarely quote myself, but occasionally I spout something that after reading I’m proud to say I wrote it. Today was one of those occasions. A co-worker had asked me what I think of the recent changes at work. This was my reply.

“I am a hopeful optimistic. Life is too short and this space too small to have a negative outlook.
Change is always difficult no matter where you are in this industry (or life for that matter).
The abilities to reach out, speak up, react and adapt are admirable qualities that few possess and fewer still acknowledge.

With that said, change never comes easy, but for those willing to work hard, work together, and more importantly execute they will reap the benefits. I believe we have a really good crew and if we can stay focused I have 100% confidence that what we turn out will be nothing short of greatness.”

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